We will help you to understand how to supercharge your data investment using machine learning to create business and/or social value.

Did you know that 10% of your data contains 90% of its value?  This means that most organizations are leaving money on the table: they could get to value from their data ten times faster.
Don’t wait to design an application that uses your data until all the data is cleansed, migrated, and processed. Because designing an initial model or baseline machine learning system can provide critical cost- and time-saving intelligence.

We can help. Our consulting division is five-star rated at Harvard’s Experfy. We were part of the teams that invented inductive transfer and decision intelligence.

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    What we can do for you

    “I think that machine learning could make a big difference, but I’m not sure how to get started

    If this is you, then drop us a line. We’re happy to talk for a while for free, to help you to understand how to use this powerful new technology.

    After that, you might want to take a look at this article about hiring a machine learning consultant.

    We build and integrate machine learning systems, and we’re passionate about demystifying this technology and making it accessible so that machine learning can be used throughout your organization to drive competitive advantage.

    Getting started

    Our work includes starts with talking through your problem in detail.  How will you measure success?  Do you have data available?  Do you want to re-learn as you get new data?

    But my data isn’t clean/joined up yet, so I’m not ready to start with machine learning

    This is a common misconception. Learning systems require considerably less data conditioning than statistical systems, and data is almost always messy / noisy in some way.   Lots of data sets have many missing values, or fields that aren’t joined.  The key question: is there a pattern that can be found?

    Once our project is planned, and we’ve agreed to our success criteria, we roll up our sleeves and get technical.  We spend our days on tasks like connecting data between S3 and Mahout / EMR,  running regressions in R or H2O, designing learning visualizations, designing success measurement code, finding the right number of hidden units in a neural network, and designing a machine learning solution to provide maximum value to your company, as soon as possible.

    Our full-service team does it all, from high-performance systems, to implementing a full-stack solution in which to embed your learner.  We often work with startup companies who want to break into this exciting new area, and can assist in many ways.

    Over the years, we’ve built thousands of machine learning systems: neural networks, decision trees, regression systems, and more,  in areas like hazardous waste management, forensic hair analysis, computer vision, and DNA pattern recognition for the Human Genome Project.

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