Would you like to write a guest blog on this page?  If so, please drop me a line with your pitch.  Additional guidelines:

  • The topic focus is decision intelligence, decision engineering, and any related technologies. Vertical- or case study-focused articles are particularly appreciated.
  • Writing guidelines
    • Make it fun!  Don’t feel you have to read my blog first; write with your own voice and make it fresh
    • Stay under 500 words
    • Keep sentences short and simple
    • Keep paragraphs to max of about 4 sentences. Shorter is good too.
    • Use links like this one as appropriate to reference related material
    • Use bold face for emphasis if you like
    • Although advertising copy is outside the purpose of this blog, you can feel free to include a link to your own web site or email address.
    • Feel free to provide images and video if you like
    • I can also embed web sites in the blog if that’s a good fit for your topic
    • Send your name, title, affiliation as you wish them to appear, plus email address and any other contact information you’d like to include
  • OPTIONAL other things:
    • Bio for an author profile
    • Headshot
    • Comma-separated tag list (this will put your article into the tag cloud that appears on the side and bottom of some pages, which will give readers a second way to find it)

Note that I may make small edits to your post for grammatical correctness, stylistic consistency, and clarity (for instance we’re an Oxford comma site).