Over the years, I’ve found a number of favorite tools, many of whom have supplied me with discount / referral codes. I hope you find these as useful as I do (and full disclosure: I get discounts / payments when you use them).

Name/Link Description My thoughts
SiteGround WordPress hosting company I switched to SiteGround after trying Network Solutions’ free open source WordPress system, which crashed 5 minutes after launching the blog, and has stayed crashed ever since, and it’s been 36 hours.
FlightCar Car rental at major US airports About half the price, and you can either rent a car (drive a lot of interesting but well-maintained and clean cars!) or allow your car to be rented (save on parking fees, get a free car wash, and earn a bit too). A black car picks you up (fast!) at the airport, drives to the facility, and you’re off. In my experience, the whole process is faster than a normal rental.
Pentadactyl Makes firefox feel like vi Need I say more? Of course this is good.