Ted Laskaris

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Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Pratt to other interested parties.

Dr. Lorien Pratt displayed consummate professionalism throughout our
project.  She was timely and thorough with her work.  Discussions were
efficient.  She focused on ensuring clarity on the deliverable and
offered additional options for the college for this project or for a
future project.  Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Pratt to other
interested parties.  

Ted LaskarisAVP/CIOChamplain College

About the author: Lorien Pratt

When I was a little girl I once spent a week disassembling a telephone down to the nuts and bolts. Worried at the dangerous parts she saw, mom called the phone company, who said "it's fine, but if she puts the phone back together, then tell her to apply for a job."

These days, I still enjoy understanding how things work, and my favorite "dissassembly" tools come from data analysis and machine learning. But now I put them back together.

And I've learned that it's how the pieces work together in an integrated system that really matters, not what they do when apart.

I invented inductive transfer and am evangelizing decision intelligence. I lead machine learning and decision intelligence projects worldwide.